yin yang c a r p e d i e m

Hi! 👋 I'm Maxwell Stern, a web developer based in Chicago. I currently work as a frontend developer at Making Waves, and occasionally take on freelance jobs.

Outside of work I enjoy wilderness travel 🏕️, making music 🎧, screenprinting t-shirts 👕, and creating art projects with friends 🎨.

Beatitudes is a web app that displays famous quotes and novels by classic Beat Generation writers. You dig?

Built With: Node/Express, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Less GitHub
Founded in 2014, Nimbus Prints began as a fan art project inspired by music, film, anime, and pop culture. Today, we have evolved into an experimental printshop, striving to create original, limited edition print series with artists in Chicago.

Built With: BigCartel, HTML/CSS
Studio Mosaic is a Chicago art collective, digital music label, and independent publisher. An unconventional art site for an unconventional art group.

Built With: HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Sass GitHub
ROYGBIV is a color-matching puzzle game. The goal of the game is for a single player to determine the brightest colored row.

Built With: HTML/CSS/JavaScript GitHub
/Mu/sic Charts is an app that allows users to build and share music album flowcharts.

Built With: Node/Express, React, MongoDB, HTML/CSS/JS GitHub
My first Ruby/Sinatra project. Caspian is an emergency management app, for any trip. Caspian stores and presents important In-Case-of-Emergency info and is meant to be used while outdoors or camping.

Built With: Ruby/Sinatra, HTML/CSS/JavaScript GitHub

Contact me if:
1. You have a project or idea that I can help you with. 2. There's a wish to get me involved in some creative dev/design work or co-work. 3. You want your website to be optimized for search engines. 4. You just want to say "Hi!"

email / linkedin / github / codepen